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An inspirational and enjoyable introduction to Pilates for me, under Sarah’s kind and encouraging tuition.


Her classes leave me walking taller in mind and body and with a determination to make Pilates part of my life.


 My regular session provides an oasis of calm in my week, Sarah takes great care in preparing for the class by asking before each class what I’d like to work on.

What ensures I get the most from my hour is Sarah’s attention to detail. She responds to what she sees and makes adjustments accordingly – with capacity to do more or, occasionally, less than she had planned.  


I know my wellbeing has improved thanks to Sarah and I am very grateful.


I do Pilates to help calm and strengthen my mind and body and have a little time to focus on myself.


Relatively new to Pilates, I've found Sarah's instruction excellent, with clear explanations and timely prompts, delivered in a calm, friendly way.


I love movement and supporting people to move more. In 2020, I qualified as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates and founded We Do Pilates.

I've an established career in lifestyle behavior change, and have had lots of fun supporting thousands of individuals to be more active. I've worked with with organizations such as Sport England, healthcare charities, Transport for London, and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

We Do Pilates is part of the Fundamentally Well family. If you're interested in making broader lifestyle changes, explore what else could work for you.

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