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shake a little  |  smile a lot  |  feel supported



prevent injury  |  feel stronger  |  run better

Let's get ready for the TCS London Marathon together!

Starting on Monday 11 March, for six weeks (including Bank Holidays).

These classes are for A+LUK runners, taking part in the TCS London Marathon. 

After the long weekend runs, they're designed to stretch and build strength (and raise some money!). 

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Donate £30 directly to my JustGiving page.

(no Gift Aid - I'm providing a service)

Sarah Team Breathe

Email me to say hello.

I'll send you the Zoom link for the six classes.


Join online on Mondays from 11 March, 19:00 - 19:30, ending on 15 April.

with sarah

Classes with me focus on your alignment, breath and centre. It's likely you'll shake a little, smile a lot, feel supported and stronger.

Fascinated by the connection between our breath, how we move and how it makes us feel, I qualified as a mat teacher in 2020 with Body Control Pilates and started We Do Pilates.

When I'm not teaching, I'm Head of Physical Activity at Asthma + Lung UK, where I work with Sport England to support people living with lung conditions to move more.


 My regular session is something I look forward to greatly as it provides an oasis of calm in my week and helps both my mind as well as my body. Sarah takes great care in preparing for the class asking beforehand each week how I am and what I’d like to work on.

But what ensures that I get the most from my hour is Sarah’s attention to detail. She responds to what she sees in class and makes adjustments to my posture and movement and then adapting to how I am responding – with capacity to do more or, occasionally, less than she had planned.  


I know my wellbeing has improved thanks to Sarah and I am very grateful.

Ian, one to one classes
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